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Joining PAK Army is the dream of every young man in Pakistan. But it is not that much easy. You have to study a lot and work hard to join PAK Army. Many students when preparing for PMA Long Course tests are too confused because they don’t know how and where to prepare, and from where they find most repeated questions in PMA long course. In this article, we will share some great tips and tricks to pass these tests. Also, we will share the most repeated questions In PMA Long Course. You can apply for the PMA Long course through PAK Army’s official website

most repeated questions in pma long course


There are continuous Initial tests online on the computer for one and a half months. In the online tests, there are most repeated questions in PMA long course. Each candidate goes for his test and after taking the test shares his experience. After he shares his test experience on social media whether he failed or passed the test. Almost 70% of questions are repeated in every PMA Long course. You can prepare all these questions on Here we are providing you with every single question PMA Long course.

Most Repeated Questions In PMA Long Course Academic Questions:

  • Sahabi who got married to two daughters of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?
  • ANS: Hazrat Usman Ghani R.A.
  • Pakistan bought Gawwadar from which country?
  • ANS: Oman.
  • The capital city of Nepal is?
  • ANS: Kathmandu.
  • The national anthem of Pakistan is composed of?
  • ANS: Abdul Asar Hafeez Jhalandhri.
  • Ambassadors in countries are called?
  • ANS: High Commissioners.
  • Malala Yosufzai got the Nobel Prize for?
  • ANS: Peace.
  • Who is the first Muazin of Islam?
  • ANS: Hazrat Bilal R.A.
  • PAK-Afghan border length is?
  • ANS: 2430 Km.
  • Name the son of Allama Iqbal?
  • ANS: Javed Iqbal.
  • OIC stands for?
  • ANS: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
  • What does NATO stand for?
  • ANS: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
  • Pakistan’s official language in the 1956 constitution was?
  • ANS: Urdu and Bengali.
  • Ghazwa Uhad fought in?
  • ANS: 3 Hijri.
  • The largest country in the world is?
  • ANS: Russia.
  • When did India take the issue of Kashmir to the General Assembly?
  • ANS: 1st January 1948.
  • In which year the first Economic Nobel Prize was given?
  • ANS: In 1901.
  • The largest river in Asia is?
  • ANS: Yangtze.
  • Who invented the bulb?
  • ANS: Thomas Edison.
  • The world’s largest cold desert is?
  • ANS: Antarctica.
  • When did Fatima Jinnah die?
  • ANS: 9th July 1967.
  • How many types of prism are there?
  • ANS: 5 types.
  • An angle less than 90 degrees is called a?
  • ANS: Acute angle.
  • Does Pakistan share its largest border?
  • ANS: Afghanistan.
  • How many times has Pakistan won the hockey World Cup?
  • ANS: 4 times.
  • Suez Canal separates Africa from?
  • ANS: Asia.
  • Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
  • ANS: Sir Khawaja Nazim-Ud-Din.
  • Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan?
  • ANS: The Khyber Pass.
  • Who was the Chief of the Pakistan Army in the 1971 war?
  • ANS: General Tikka Khan.
  • The Largest Oil producer country is?
  • ANS: Saudi Arabia.
  • Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?
  • ANS: Iskander Mirza.
  • The deepest lake in the world is?
  • ANS: Lake Baikal.
  • Pakistan won the first Hockey World Cup in?
  • ANS: In 1994.

Most Repeated Questions In PMA Long Course Verbal Intelligence Questions:

  • If the 28th day of the month is Sunday then the second day will be?
  • ANS: Thursday.
  • 90% of 90 is?
  • ANS: 81.
  • One-third of 10% of 90 is?
  • ANS: 3.
  • Months in a year having 31 days?
  • ANS: 7 months.
  • Out of 500 students, 360 are boys and others are girls. What is the percentage of girls will be?
  • ANS: 28%.
  • A quarter of one-tenth of 120 is?
  • ANS: 3.
  • There are 30 passengers in a bus, 2/3 of them are men then the percentage of women is?
  • ANS: 33.3%.
  • Point out the difference between the following: Angle, Rectangle, Square, and Hexagon.
  • ANS: Angle.
  • A man walked north then he turned left. After some time he turned right, then the present direction will be?
  • ANS: North.
  • Why do parents give their children’s education?
  • ANS: For Grooming.
  • Why do we boil milk?
  • ANS: To kill the germs.
  • If my brother’s sister is your mother, then who am I to you?
  • ANS: Uncle.
  • Train speed is double that of a car and the car travels 30km in 1 hour. How much distance will the train cover in 30 minutes?
  • ANS: 30km.
  • Ali moves toward the north side after some time he turns left then again turns left, his present direction is?
  • ANS: South.
  • Out of 500 students, 340 are present, what percentage of absent students will be?
  • ANS: 32%.
  • Amjad and Ahmed kept 24 balls. Amjad kept 3 times more than Ahmed. How much does Ahmed keep?
  • ANS: 6.
  • A boy is 3 years old, his sister is three times older than him. What will be the age of his sister when the boy will be 11 years old?
  • ANS: 17 years.
  • Akbar is older than Ahmed. Umair is older than Akbar. Which one is older?
  • ANS: Umair.

We hope you enjoyed the information given above about the most repeated questions in PMA long course.

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