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Introduction: ISSB preparation online is a process to prepare yourself for PAK Army ISSB tests. You will find all the essential guidelines tips and tricks to pass your ISSB test, in this article. It is a unique national organization in Pakistan. The aim of ISSB is to select candidates who have the potential and ability to serve the nation. ISSb processes a group of highly qualified professionals and quality officers for Pakistan. Where everyone walks independently from any prejudice, interference, and interruption.

As regards selection, ISSB follows a fundamental dimensional assessment system. It’s dimensions are physical dimensions, environmental dimensions, and psychological dimensions. Here the dimensional system does not only provide sufficient cope to observe the candidates in diverse conditions but also ensures unbiased judgment. Efficiency, suitability, and the leadership of individuals replace all the requirements.

After completing all the parliamentary tests candidates will go for their ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) tests. It is not easy to pass the ISSB test so read the ISSB preparation online carefully and completely. We have provided most repeated questions and also online quizzes on our website which will automatically help you in preparation for ISSB. ISSB letter will take 30-40 days after initial tests. When you receive the call letter on the given date you have to be present at your ISSb center. It is the main test to select officers for the Pakistan Army. There are four ISSB centers in Pakistan.

  • ISSB Malir Karachi
  • ISSB Gujranwala
  • ISSB Quetta
  • ISSB Kohat

It is up to GHQ (Generals Headquarters) where you have to take your ISSB test. The time duration for the ISSB test is 4 days.


1st Day: Reporting Day/Arrival Day:

  • Documents verification
  • Allocation of chest number
  • Checking of BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Photo session
  • Submission of call letter
  • No screen test
  • OPI MCQs-based personality test
  • Essay writing
  • Form filling

2nd day: Psychological Tests:

  • All psychological tests will be taken which include:
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Officer Personality Inventory (OPI)
  • Sentence Completion Test (SCT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Picture Story Writing
  • Pointer Story Writing
  • Self Description Test
  • Situation Reaction Test

3rd Day: GTO Tasks Day:

  • Group discussion
  • Military planning
  • Interview by Deputy President or Psychologist

4th Day: Tasks Day:

  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Command Task
  • Individual Obstacle Race
  • Individual Obstacle

Personality Recommendations | ISSB Preparation Online

Personality matters everywhere, especially in the Pakistan Armed Forces. Candidates are advised to bring proper dress with them that should be according to the prevalent weather. Mobile phones, calculators, cameras, knives, sharp weapons, pets, or any valuable item are strictly prohibited. Candidates are expected to appear before the selection board with a clean and intelligent picture. All candidates must be in proper hair and cutting.

Tests In 4 Days Of ISSB | ISSB Preparation Online

1st DAY:

First day which is also known as arrival day or reporting day. On the first day, there is nothing special. Candidates will go to the reception for the verification of their documents. Then candidates are allotted their chest number. The BMI of each candidate will be checked. There will be a short photo session, the staff will take photos in groups and individually. On the first day, there will be a personality test, and it is an MCQ-based test. After that candidates have to fill out a form which contains personal information. At last of the first day essay writing will be there.

Tips to write an essay in ISSB:

There will be two essays in English of 250 words and the time limit will be 10 minutes. Write a simple essay and use easy wordings. Do not write a lengthy introduction. In the body of the essay write some details and at the end give a conclusion.

2nd DAY:

The second day is for Psychological tasks and tests. All psychological tests will be taken. The first test will be the Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT). This is basically a computer-based test. In this test pictures will appear on the screen of the computer and the candidates have to choose the most appropriate answer from the given options. The time limit for this test is 15 minutes. After (the MAT) test the next test will be the personality test. ISSB preparation online is very helpful in preparing these tests.

Officers Personality Inventory: This test comprises 150 questions including statements and scenarios. This test is taken to check the candidate’s emotional intelligence and social intelligence. The time limit for this test is 40 minutes.

Picture Story Test: In the picture story test 4 pictures will be shown to the candidates. And they have to write stories about these pictures. The pictures will shown to the candidates separately. Each picture will appear for 30 seconds on the screen. The time limit to write a picture story is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Tips to write a picture story in ISSB preparation online:

Observe carefully when the picture is shown. Note down the number of characters, Their age, and gender. What has happened and what is going on? Future probable actions and what will be the final result? Do not start writing between these 30 seconds. Start writing when the pictures are closed. Always try to select a main character for the story. Choosing a main character helps you to write the story in detail and readable. Be positive while writing the story and focus on positive thinking. Here is an example of a picture story.

3rd DAY:

The third day is group testing officer (GTO). Candidates will go to the group testing ground in the morning. The test includes indoor tasks. Here performance and behaviour pattern is evaluated through various test of physical dimensions. In the early morning candidates will meet their Group Testing Officer (GTO). He will brief you about some rules and regulations that will be followed in the group testing ground. Before you participate in any particular task, GTO will brief you about that task. A list of some GTO tasks is.

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Interview by a Psychologist

4th DAY:

The 4th day is very important, the GTO will check the physical fitness of the candidate by giving him some tasks.

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Mutual Assessment

Suggestions For Candidates | ISSB preparation online

When you are going for the ISSB test be confident and calm. It is very important that you are going to be an Army Officer in the future so groom, study, work hard, and create passions.

“If there is a will there is a way”.

At last love your country, serve the nation, do your best, and leave the rest to Almighty ALLAH. Thank You!

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