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Introduction: ASF (Airport Security Force) has introduced new job vacancies all over Pakistan. By reading the article ASF 2024 jobs apply online you can understand and view all the criteria of applying online for the jobs of ASF 2024. ASF is an Airport Security Force that allows you to simply serve the nation with your abilities by joining the force online. The Airport Security Force announces jobs for all Pakistan’s male and female citizens several times a year. They give you the best lifestyle opportunities and provide their soldiers and officers with better health and medical facilities.

Airport Security Force is hiring capable, educated, and well-disciplined candidates from Pakistan. ASF has announced 56 vacancies for capable candidates. All the vacancies are distributed as follows:

  • Open Merit: O4 seats
  • Punjab: 28 seats
  • Sindh: 11 seats
  • KPK: 06 seats
  • Balochistan: 04 seats
  • AJ&K: 02 seats
  • Ex FATA: 02 seats

All the candidates who are interested in joining the ASF (Airport Security Force) can apply before 22nd January 2024. You can apply online from the official website of ASF More information and a complete guide for joining ASF are given below.

ASF Overview | ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online

asf 2024 jobs apply online

ASF is an airport security force in Pakistan that allows you to join the airport security force and serve the nation with your services you can do something great for your country by joining the airport security force this force announces job opportunities for the talented and educated citizens of Pakistan several times in a year. The candidates are selected based on merit. There is very tough competition among the candidates because the airport security force needs very well-qualified, intelligent, and capable officers and soldiers.

The airport security force has to protect all the airports of Pakistan from all threats. They protect the country from all types of illegal activities which include the smuggling of drugs to other countries or the smuggling of drugs from other countries to Pakistan. The airport security force plays an important role in stopping human smuggling and the smuggling of weapons. They serve the country with their best skills. As in reward for their services, they get high amount of salaries, medical and health facilities, and also better quality education for their children.

The officers and soldiers of the Airport Security Force (ASF) have played a pivotal role in safeguarding Pakistan against foreign threats. Their remarkable efforts have significantly contributed to the prevention of drug smuggling, marking a proud moment for all ASF members. For those considering a career with the ASF, it is essential to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and recommendations for joining.

The article “ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online” provides comprehensive information on the eligibility criteria and application process. Take the time to ensure compliance with the requirements and seize the opportunity to become a part of one of the foremost security forces in Pakistan. Your dedication and commitment can lead to a meaningful impact within the ASF and contribute to the safety and security of the nation.

ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online Complete Details

Jobs posted onJanuary 6th 2024
Jobs posted byAirport Security Force
Job typeVacancies Regions
SectorGovernment Sector
SalaryApproximately PKR 82,000
Vacancies RegionsPunjab: 28 vacancies
Sindh: 11 vacancies
KPK: 06 vacancies
Balochistan: 04 vacancies
AJ&K: 02 vacancies
Fata: 02 vacancies
Last Date22nd January 2024

The Airport Security Force (ASF) has recently announced new job openings targeted at educated, skilled, and disciplined citizens of Pakistan. This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to contribute to the safety and well-being of their fellow citizens. The application process has been simplified through an online portal, allowing interested candidates to easily submit the necessary details on the official website of the Airport Security Force. This modern approach to recruitment aims to facilitate a smooth and transparent process for both the applicants and the organization.

Furthermore, the Airport Security Force has specified the available vacant positions, including opportunities for Assistant Directors and Inspectors. These roles encompass crucial responsibilities and are vital to the effective functioning of the organization. Prospective applicants who have the required qualifications and skills are encouraged to consider these roles and take the necessary steps to apply.

Overall, this initiative by the Airport Security Force not only addresses the organization’s workforce requirements but also provides opportunities for talented individuals to contribute meaningfully to the security infrastructure of Pakistan. It reflects a proactive approach to human resource management and the recognition of the value that qualified professionals bring to the table. This announcement marks a significant development in the realm of employment opportunities within the security sector of the country.

Eligibility Criteria For ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online

Academic Qualifications: Prospective ASF applicants must fulfill the specified educational criteria established by the Airport Security Force (ASF). A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks is required. Attaining a degree with distinction, such as a 4CGPA, can confer a competitive advantage.

In addition to academic requisites, candidates are generally expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of security protocols, exceptional communication prowess, and effective teamwork abilities. ASF places great importance on professionalism and integrity, seeking individuals who embody these values in their professional conduct.

Furthermore, staying abreast of the latest advancements in security and aviation is imperative. This can be achieved through continuous learning, pursuit of relevant certifications, or participation in specialized training programs.

Aspiring candidates should not only aim to fulfill the minimum educational criteria but also strive to cultivate a versatile skill set that resonates with the values and expectations of ASF.

Age Requirement: Prospective candidates seeking to join the Airport Security Force (ASF) must adhere to the age criteria set by the organization. The age bracket for applicants is prescribed as 22 to 32 years.

Experience Requirements: Candidates must possess at least two years of experience in the Civil Forces or any Armed Forces of Pakistan. While experience in the Civil or Armed Forces is preferred, individuals without such experience may also apply to join the Airport Security Force.

Physical Requirements To Join ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online

Height Requirements:

Male candidates: The minimum height requirement for male candidates of the ASF is 5.6 feet or 166 centimeters.

Female candidates: The minimum height requirement for female candidates of the ASF is 5.2 feet or 156 centimeters.

Weight Requirements:

Male candidates: The minimum weight requirement for male candidates is 50 kilograms or 105 pounds.

Female candidates: The minimum weight requirement for female candidates is 45 kilograms or 98 pounds.

Minimum Chest Requirements:

Male candidates: The minimum chest requirements for male candidates are 32/5 inches or 82 centimeters, expanded: 34/5 inches or 88 centimeters.

ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online Advertisement

The Airport Security Force (ASF) has posted the advertisement for jobs in the newspapers and on their official website. The advertisement of jobs of ASF is also given below and you can download the advertisement by clicking the downloading button given below.

ASF 2024 jobs apply online. Advertisement of ASF
ASF 2024 jobs apply online
ASF 2024 jobs apply online

Step By Step Guide To Join ASF 2024 Jobs Apply Online

In this section of the article “Applying for ASF 2024 Jobs Online,” we will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for individuals interested in becoming a part of ASF in 2024. Let us proceed with the process.

  • Step 1: The Interested candidates first visit the official website of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).
  • Step 2: Now select the general recruitment option to proceed further.
  • Step 3: Download the challan form from the “Challan” page.
  • Step 4: Fill out the online application form and submit your application.


I extend my best wishes to all aspiring candidates seeking to join the ASF as officers in 2024. Dedicate yourselves to your aspirations, and with diligent effort, you shall attain success.

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What is ASF?

ASF is an Airport Security Force that protects the country from all types of foreign smuggling and other illegal activities.

How many times does ASF announce vacancies in a year?

ASF announces vacancies 2 or 3 times at least a year.

Who controls ASF?

ASF is headed by the experienced officers of the Pakistan Army, and these officers are at the rank of General or Major General.

What is the last date to join ASF 2024 jobs apply online.

The last date to join ASF is 22nd January 2024.

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