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Introduction: The Pakistan Army is a distinguished armed force with a rich service history and unwavering dedication to the nation. Interested persons can join the PAK Army through the PAK Army Jobs 2024 apply online portal. Since the inception of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army has stood as a symbol of strength, diligently protecting the country’s borders from a diverse range of external threats and upholding the nation’s security against its adversaries. The Pakistan Army ensures the country’s safety and provides opportunities for every Pakistani citizen to contribute to its defense and prosperity. It welcomes individuals who aspire to serve their country with honor, offering them a pathway to join its ranks and make significant contributions.

For those keen on joining the Pakistan Army, the official website serves as a gateway to explore this noble opportunity and commence their journey of service: PAK Army has announced the PAK Army jobs 2024 apply online and be a part of this proud force. The last date to apply for PAK Army Jobs 2024 apply online is 20th January 2024.

Army Selection And Recruitment Centers

  • ASRC Quetta
  • ASRC Hyderabad
  • ASRC Gilgit
  • ASRC Lahore
  • ASRC Karachi
  • ASRC Peshawar
  • ASRC Multan
  • ASRC DI Khan
  • ASRC Faisalabad
  • ASRC Rawalpindi
  • ASRC Pano Aqil
  • ASRC Khuzdar
  • ASRC Muzaffarabad

Vacant Positions PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

The Pakistan Army has recently announced job vacancies in various positions, offering a significant opportunity for talented, capable, and educated citizens of Pakistan. This initiative provides a platform for individuals to contribute to the nation’s defense and security. Interested persons are encouraged to consider and apply for these job opportunities before the deadline of 20th January. This announcement underscores the Pakistan Army’s commitment to recruiting the best candidates and fostering a diverse and skilled workforce to serve the nation. It also reflects the Army’s ongoing efforts to offer valuable employment prospects to the citizens, ultimately contributing to the overall socioeconomic development of the country.

  • Major (Male)
  • Major (Female)
  • Captain (Male)
  • Captain (Female)

The Pakistan Army has recently made a public announcement regarding the availability of more than one hundred job vacancies, open to both male and female citizens of Pakistan. However, it is imperative to note that specific eligibility criteria have been established by the officials of the PAK Army, which must be met by the applicants to be considered for the available positions. Interested candidates can obtain further information about the eligibility criteria and the application process by visiting the official website of the PAK Army.

Requirements For Joining PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

EducationBDS, FCPS, MBBS
Salary PKR 75,000 TO PKR 85,000
Posted OnDecember 26, 2023
Posted ByPAK Army Officials
Job TypeFull-Time Job
Last DateJanuary 20, 2024

Physical Requirements To Join PAK Army Jobs Apply Online

GenderMales and Females
WeightAccording to your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Minimum Height5 feet 4 inches or 160 CM
Visual RequirementsAll the candidates must have a 6/9 vision with eyeglasses for distance and J2 or N8 for near vision, with or without glasses to fulfill the vision requirements of PAK Army.

Selection Procedure For PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

join pak army jobs 2024 apply online

The Pakistan Army has a rigorous and distinctive selection process for all individuals who wish to join their ranks. The selection criteria and tests vary depending on the type of role an individual is interested in.

For instance, prospective candidates for PMA Long Courses, Technical Cadet Courses, Army Medical Courses, and Lady Cadet Courses are subjected to different sets of tests and assessments to evaluate their skills and abilities. The selection process is designed to identify the most suitable candidates who possess the necessary qualities and competencies required to serve in the Pakistan Army. But this article is about the recent job vacancies introduced by the PAK Army for the ranks of major and captain doctors, so we will discuss the requirements required for these candidates.

Written Intelligence Test For PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

The written intelligence test of the PAK Army consists of three types of tests, the Academic test, Verbal test, and Non-Verbal test. We will discuss all of them in detail.

Academic Test Of PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

The academic test is the most important among all the intelligence tests. It includes multiple choice questions from different subjects like Islamiat, English, History, PAK Study, Maths, and General Knowledge. Some important and most repeated questions from these subjects are given below.

Some Important And Most Repeated English Questions:

In the English portion, there are two types of questions. Sentence completion questions synonyms, antonyms, error identification, and Analogies vocabulary. These questions need some practice and hard work. The example of sentence completion and vocabulary analogies questions are given below.

Example Questions:

Question no 1: Muslim alchemists tried to attain wealth by ________ copper and other base metals into gold.

A. Placing B. Melting C. Coin aging D. Transforming

Question no 2: Although officials claimed that its hull was _______ the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg.

A. Prominent B.Oval C. Impenetrable D. Iron made

Question no 3: The ______ workshop had not been used in years.

A. Decorated B. Derelict C. Advanced D. Orphan

Question no 4: The cheerful, lively sound of folk music ________ almost everyone.

A. Expired B. Bared C. Revived D. Consoled

Question no 5: After completing her usual morning walk, Salma found herself ________ tired.

A. Slowly B. Surprisingly C. More D. Incessantly

Question no 6: Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL is.

A. Sick B. Chemicals C. Healthy D. Selective

Question no 7: Antonym of DETACH is.

A. Scratch B. Pack C. Bottom line D. Separate

Question no 8: Antonym of ELEVATED is.

A. Suspended B. Moody C. Excited D. Subterranean

Question no 9: Antonym of REDUNDANT is.

A. Insufficient B. Expanded C. Numerous D. Profound

Question no 10: Synonym of FRAGILE is.

A. Strong B. Grave C. Weak D. Showy

Question no 11: Synonym of ESOTERIC is.

A. Fair B. Popular C. Alluring D. Private

Question no 12: Synonym of BENEDICTION is.

A. Rise B. Blessing C. Curse D. Prayer

Question no 13: IRON: BLACKSMITH.

A. Clay: Potter B.Silver: Miner C. Gold: Miser D. Cotton: Cloth

Question no 14: NOSE: SMELL.

A. Teeth: Chew B. Foot: Hit C. Hand: Finger D. Eye: Lid

Question no 15: SKETCH: ARTIST.

A. Lawyer: Courtroom B. Draft: Writer C: Cell: Prisoner D: Secret: Confident

Verbal Intelligence Test Of PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

The Verbal intelligence test is very tricky and difficult to understand. The candidates need to focus on the question of what is it asking. In Verbal tests, there are different types of questions like series questions, relationship questions, etc.

Example Questions:

Question no 1: A, B, D, G,?

A. M B. K C. L D. H

Question no 2: EAC GCE IEG?


Question no 3: Nurture: Neglect:: Denigrate:?

A. Reveal B. Recognise C. Extol D. Calumniate

Question no 4: Bread: Yeast:: Curd:?

A. Fungi B. Bacteria C. Germs D. Virus

Question no 5: Fruit: Banana:: Mammal:?

A. Cow B. Fish C. Snake D. Sparrow

Non-Verbal Test Of PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

Non-verbal intelligence of the PAK Army is the most confusing and time-consuming test. It needs a lot of practice candidates and time to be solved properly. Most of the candidates fail in the Non-verbal intelligence test. Some example questions are given in the below pictures.

Non-verbal Example 1:

non-verbal intelligence test of pak army jobs 2024 apply online

Non-verbal Example 2:

non-verbal example pak army jobs 2024 apply online

Non-verbal Example 3:

join pak army jobs 2024 apply online

Physical And Medical Tests Of PAK Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online

Those candidates who remain successful in the initial intelligence tests will further proceed for Medical and Physical tests.

Medical Test:

The medical of all the candidates will be taken by professional Army doctors. They will check each body part of the candidates. The medical test is quite easy for you if you are physically fit. The physical test requirements are given below.

Physical Test:

Running1.6 Kilometers in 6 minutes
Push Ups15 pushups in 2 minutes
Sit Ups20 situps in 2 minutes
Chin Ups3 chin-ups in 2 minutes
Ditch Crossing4 feet deep and 7 feet 4 inches
SalaryBetween 60,000 to 80,000


In conclusion, the Pakistan Army Jobs 2024 apply online portal offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals to contribute to the nation’s defense and security while serving with honor. The Pakistan Army has a long-standing history of dedicated service to the nation, and this announcement reflects its commitment to recruiting the best candidates to foster a diverse and skilled workforce. The available job vacancies for major and captain doctors provide an excellent opportunity for talented, capable, and educated citizens of Pakistan to serve their country and contribute to its overall socioeconomic development. Interested persons are encouraged to consider and apply for these job opportunities before the deadline of 20th January 2024.

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