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PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online | 100% Chance TO Pass At First Attempt

The Pakistan Army provides excellent opportunities to all Pakistan citizens interested in serving their country. Every year, numerous educated candidates opt to join the Pakistan Army as officers through PMA Long Courses. However, before being selected, these candidates must undergo several tests to determine their eligibility for the army. In this regard, the article “PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online” will provide valuable insights into the essential aspects of the PAK Army initial test and guide you through the preparation process for this crucial test.

If you are inclined towards serving your nation and are keen to join the Pakistan Army, be assured that the process is uncomplicated and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the official website of the Pakistan Army, which offers you a plethora of information regarding the application process, from eligibility criteria to selection criteria and essential documentation. The website has been designed to be user-friendly and easily navigable, ensuring that you can embark on your journey toward a satisfying military career easily. Do not let any doubts hold you back; take the first step towards your dream today by visiting the Pakistan Army website.

Pakistan Army Initial Test Preparation Online Overview

Many citizens of Pakistan hold a deep commitment to their country, and for them, becoming an officer in the PAK Army represents the ultimate dream. It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve their nation in such a meaningful way. As a PAK Army officer, individuals have a critical role in safeguarding Pakistan’s sovereignty and protecting its people from harm. Through rigorous training, dedication, and a deep sense of duty, these officers are equipped to face any challenge that comes their way. Those who aspire to serve their country in this way consider becoming a PAK Army officer a goal worth pursuing with passion and determination.

To join the PAK Army as an officer is not easy for all interested candidates. They have to go through several steps and tests, and after that, they become eligible to join PAK Army. So let’s talk about all the important tests and steps of PAK Army Initial test preparation online.

PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online Intelligence Test

It has come to our attention that the Pakistan Army has recently announced job vacancies for officers. To apply for these positions, interested candidates must submit an online application through the official website of the Pakistan Army. Army officials will review all applications for approval, and once approved, each candidate will receive a roll no slip. This slip contains important details including the candidate’s name, photograph, exam center, and exam date.

We want to remind all candidates that possession of the roll no slip is mandatory for appearing in the exam. Therefore, we advise all candidates to download and print their roll no slip before the exam date, which can be accessed through the official website of the Pakistan Army by entering their ID card number.

Upon arriving at the test center, it is important to present all required documentation to the authorized officers for verification. This process is integral in ensuring that the test is conducted impartially and without any unfair advantage towards participants. The officers will carefully scrutinize the documents to verify their compliance with the requirements for the test. Only after successful verification of your documents will you be permitted to proceed with the test, providing you with the confidence to take the test without any concerns regarding your eligibility.

The verification process plays a critical role in ensuring that all participants receive an equitable evaluation and that the test results are trustworthy. It is highly recommended to arrive at the test center with all required documentation to avoid any complications during the verification process. By adhering to these steps, you can smoothly pass the verification process and focus on performing your best in the test.

PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online | Verbal Intelligence Test

Number Series

In this test, a certain number of marks are given. The candidates are asked to find the next number according to this scheme.

Types Of Number Series:

1: Addition

This particular type of inquiry pertains to identifying the subsequent numeral in a sequence by adding a predetermined value to the preceding digit.

Example: 1,4,9,16,25,?

2: Subtraction

One way to find the next number in a sequence is by subtracting a specific value from the previous number. This method can be helpful when trying to identify patterns or solve mathematical problems.

Example: 38,34,30,26,22,?

3: Division

In this type of question, the candidates must find the next number by dividing the previous number by the next.

Example: 128,64,32,16,?

Letter Series

The term “series” refers to a sequence of letters that are arranged in a specific order, with one or more letters missing in one or more positions. Spaces and question marks denote these vacant letters. Your task will be to fill in the missing letters by selecting the appropriate option.

Example: ab-cbb-a-cca-ba ?

(a) acbc (b) bbca (c) aacb (d) ccab

The verbal intelligence test consists of these series type questions and another series called the Alphabet series. In Alphabet series questions the candidates have to find a missing alphabet in a specific series.

PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online | Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

The non-verbal intelligence test is the most important test to check candidates’ intelligence. These questions are very confusing and time-consuming. Most candidates fail to attempt all the non-verbal intelligence questions because these questions are very tricky. The non-verbal intelligence questions are further divided into six types.

(1) Series

pakistan army initial test preparation online series questions

In this type of question, there are two sets of figures. One set is called “Problem Figures” while the other set is known as “Answer Figures.” Problem figures are first and five in number while answer figures are last and five in number. The answer figures are indicated by A, B, C, D, and E. The five problem figures make a series. That means they change from left to right in a specific order. The candidate has to find which answer figure is the correct answer.

(2) Shape And Size Of The Figures

pak army initial test preparation online

In this series, the inner small design comes out after enlarging while the outer large design goes inside after reducing. Similarly, the small design comes out after enlarging while the large outer design goes inside after reducing.

(3) Rotation Of Figures 
pak army initial test preparation online

In this type of series, each figure rotates clockwise and sometimes anticlockwise. The candidates are a little bit confused while solving these questions because it is somehow difficult to understand while the figure is rotating clockwise or anticlockwise.

(4) Based On Position

PAK Army Initial test preparation online

Here in each subsequent figure, the design is shifting one side clockwise and in some questions one side anti-clockwise. These questions are similar to the rotation of figures questions.

(5) Combination And Diffusion

In this type of series sometimes there is an increase of designs in the figures a decrease of designs or sometimes an increase and decrease together.

(6) Increasing Or Decreasing Figures

Here in each subsequent, the design of figures is taking a new shape by increasing or decreasing the alphabets. Hence in the answer figure, there will be all new designs.

PAK Army Initial Test Preparation Online | Academic Test

PAK Army academic test contains 100 MCQs and the time allocated to solve these questions is 40 minutes. The candidates have to score a minimum of 55% marks to pass this test. The MCQs in this test are taken from English, General Knowledge, History, Pak Studies, Islamiat, and Computer Science. All these questions and some of the most repeated questions are given on our website for our visitors so you can easily prepare these questions by just clicking on the article button.

We hope this article was helpful for you, please share it with all your friends and relatives who are interested in joining the PAK Army.

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